Thursday, April 28, 2011

Everything Looks Different

Last night none of us got much sleep. A thunderstorm had been looming all day, but we pressed on with walks into downtown, bike rides to works and hanging out in the yard because for the first time in 3 weeks it wasn't pouring down rain. Pursy ate grass, pulled petals off wild violets and seemed to enjoy watching Elliott roll around in the yard. I simply enjoyed fresh air and bare feet.

We put Pursy to bed around 7:30, and Grant had the brilliant idea to sit on the front porch with ice cream (for me) and a beer (for him) and watch the storm come in. No rain yet, but I love the minutes right before a storm- the wind is blowing hard, the sky is that eerie orange-green, and you can almost smell the air changing. We enjoyed each others company and caught up on each others life. Amazing how little time there is any more for simple conversation.

At 2 in the morning ,we woke up to a screaming babe. Pursy was standing at the side of her crib sobbing while the thunder and lighting rolled outside. I picked her up and tried to soothe her in the rocking chair, but every time the thunder crashed outside, her tears would start again. I finally wrapped her up in a blanket and we went out to the front porch. The storm was incredible- lighting flashing over and over, rain pouring down in sheets- and she was instantly calm.

Little babes are amazing. I don't know if she was calmed because she could see what was going on or if it was my holding her, but she was fascinated. Her little eyes were wide and taking it all in, her fingers clenching my tank top strap and over and over her little finger pointing towards the sky and she would say "Da! Da!" which is her new expression when she wants to know what something is. We sat outside for a good 15 minutes watching the storm. I love a good thunderstorm, and it was so much cooler watching it with my daughter.

Back inside, she was still not interested in going to sleep. I sat up as long as I could before bringing her into our bed, where she was instantly ready to play with her Dad. Grant tolerated being poked and climbed over for about a minute before taking her back to her room to try and put her back to sleep himself. Two hours later, he crawled back to bed. She was not interested in being alone during the storm, so he laid down on the floor beside her crib. Every few minutes she would wake up, see him beside her, and lay back down.

Now that is a good man.

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  1. This is a beautiful story.... thanks for sharing ladyfriend!