Friday, April 8, 2011

Choosing my Battles

Almost overnight, Purslane went from eating (literally) anything she could get her hands on, to being a VERY picky eater. I actually don't even think it is the food she is protesting against, but the fact that she found something that she can control. She has realized that throwing her food on the floor makes Elliott happy and Daddy frustrated. And I don't know how deep her sentience is yet, but I am pretty sure that look on her face means "I don't want avocados and rice- I want peaches".

Unfortunately for her, she has a Mama who cares a great deal about her nutritional status and has the time to sit and wait her out. ALSO unfortunately for her, I have watched her take down a bowl of lentils, chunks of beets, ungodly amounts of rice and beans, garam masala chicken, guacamole, yogurt and granola, and sundry foods that has proven to me that she does not have a problem with food.

So this morning, when I served her a bowl of peach yogurt, granola and bananas I had no idea that I would literally spend the entire morning in a battle of wills. I sat next to her for 2.5 hours while she batted at the spoon, pushed bananas out of her mouth and turned her head away from me. After 30 minutes I wanted to start over with something else, but I had picked my battle. She would eat this bowl of food because not only are they three of her favorite things, but it was what I made for breakfast.

Grant got up, took a shower, left for work- I am still sitting there. The hospital called and asked me to pick up a bonus shift- I am still sitting there. I read three David Sedaris essays, drank a cup of decaf, and ate my own breakfast- still sitting there. Finally I started working around the house- doing dishes, unpacking some boxes, paying bills- Pursy is still sitting there. Every bite she does decide to put in her mouth (and keep in) I respond with ridiculous amounts of praise and excitement. Being a parent really does take all your pride and turn you into a crazy person.

I am beginning to worry that by the time she finishes this bowl of yogurt, I will have to immediately replace it with lunch. I am imagining Grant coming home from work and both of us are still sitting in our pajamas in the kitchen with moldy yogurt on the spoon and Pursy wasting away from stubborn-induced starvation.

But she finished it. I rewarded her with a bath in the kitchen sink and an hour of Mommy/Pursy play time. So I won the battle today... Tomorrow we have a birthday party at 10AM so I might need to set my alarm for 5 so we have time to eat breakfast and get out of the house.

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