Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So this is how I deal with stress...

Yesterday while I was packing up the first floor bathroom, feeding Pursy lunch in her high chair, talking with my best friend on the phone and trying to keep Elliott from encouraging Pursy to drop said lunch on the floor- I chose to perform the seemingly innocent task of leaning over to pick a sock up off the floor. As I quickly stood up, the top of my head connected with the edge of an open cupboard door. I literally saw stars. I also immediately burst into tears. I laid my head down on top of the dryer and just sobbed. And as I took my moment, I thought about why exactly I was losing it to this degree.

1. I am 12 weeks pregnant and my in utero child is making me eat things that I would not eat if I were desperate and on the brink of scurvy. Specifically, anything that leaves that layer of fake mind-blowing cheese on your fingers: Cheetos, Doritos, Sunchips and Goldfish.

2. I am moving from a 3 story, 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom house into a 6 room total rental home across town.

3. My daughter is 11 months old. She loves stairs, electrical outlets, and basically any sharp-edged furniture object that could maim or kill her. She also loves grape juice which gives her inhuman amounts of energy.

4. My husband is writing his doctoral dissertation and several nights a week is calling Singapore at one AM.

So I will put my head down and cry my stress away for just a minute. Don't feel sorry for me- I actually think that the fact that it is almost midnight and all members of my family are alive is a huge accomplishment.


  1. Taking a moment to just cry is actually really helpful (I think -- though I read somewhere that it actually increases stress levels. Might have been my yoga teacher that told me that....) Nonetheless, I've always found it soothing in a strange, meltdowny kind of way.

    You're a strong and beautiful woman -- but even the most strong and beautiful need to let go sometimes. Especially given all of these major transitions in your life at the moment. Life can be unbearably overwhelming sometimes.

    Stopped typing there for a while-- realize I don't have any words of wisdom. Just that... you know, I care about you and your family. And I hope all of these challenging transitions turn into beautiful blessings for you in the future!

  2. God is so good, He loves you exactly the way I do (can't even explain to you how or why I love you so much, how precious you are to me) only an infinite amount of times more. I am amazed at you and your family, I am more amazed at HIm. Have wanted to fall to my knees in wonder several times today, prostrate in thanks before God. Don't worry, I am not crazy, and this has not all been spawned by your tears and your love. I am writing you a real letter, which will I trust make it to whatever house you are currently residing in, and you will return the favor. Sweet dreams, and happy cheese munching.