Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Perfect Storm

Grant has been in Seattle for 4 days now and I have spent every minute being thankful that I am not a single mother and this is not my norm. Purslane is teething (first one came through yesterday!), will not let me out of her sight for more then 3 seconds and started refusing the baby food purees I make her and wants only what she can pick up and feed herself. I hallelujah her independence but shake my head at the freezer full of small tupperware containers of perfectly portioned and nutritionally complete baby food. (while I am writing this, she is standing on top of the printer in the corner of the office looking out the window at the snow falling) She is so active and can get across a room and halfway up a set of stairs before I open my eyes after a sneeze. Amazing that the only time she wants absolutely nothing to do with me is when she is crawling up stairs. Then my help or very presence is annoying and she holds on to the step with one hand and waves "bye-bye" with the other.

So I am exhausted, missing my husband and now housebound because of the foot of snow that just dumped on Bellefonte. The roads started to get bad just as I was heading out to the grocery store so decided I wouldn't risk it and turned around. Once cozy and warm at home, I noticed we are out of coffee. This is not good, as teething Pursy does not equal sleeping Pursy and she has been waking up several times a night. I depend on morning coffee to be able to formulate sentences so we might be trudging out in the morning Little House on the Prairie style to the closest gas station. Grant would not have been deterred by the snow and if he were here, I would have coffee and possibly be going to the bathroom by myself.

Cheers to single mothers, my dear friend Abbey who does this 50% of the time while Matt is at sea, and all the other women like me who manage a home, raise a child, and have a career. Cheers to us- we are fantastic.

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  1. You are fantastic! :) Can't wait to see Pursey's cute little teeth.