Thursday, January 20, 2011

Feels like I should be better at this...

This morning I showed up at a girlfriend's house 25 minutes later then I told her I would be, with makeup only on one eye and no coat. (it is 24 degrees and snowing) The important things though- Pursy was properly clothed and warm, had dry diapers and had been fed. I thought 9 months into this Mothering thing I would be much better at organization but it still takes me over 20 minutes to actually get out of the house. That doesn't include standing by the car staring at Pursy buckled into her 5 point harness carseat wondering if it would be worth getting her out to run BACK into the house for (enter XYZ here) that I forgot.

Preparing for worship on Sunday morning now includes a 45 minute countdown by Grant just to make sure that I am on track to get out the door in enough time to get to church before the final benediction.

Items that are usually forgotten: coat, gloves, hat, phone and (just once) socks. I figure the heater in the car works very well and for the moments I am out of the car am usually carrying a 17 pound 98 degree fleece-swaddled heater. Items that are NEVER forgotten: coffee in thermos, Sophie (rubber giraffe teething toy) and Banana Puffs.

I feel a little behind the curve here, but as Grant reminded me while we drove 30 miles out of our way to the closest Walmart on our way to our Anniversary trip last weekend "At least all you forgot was a piece to your breast pump and not something important, like Pursy". I love you, Grant.

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