Friday, January 14, 2011

The Best Things

Last evening Grant and I spent doing our favorite things- I met him at The Plaza (a fantastic 3 story antique store in our town) to browse for almost two hours. I always find treasures here and yesterday was no exception. I am now the proud owner of a moss green stonewear cookie jar with an etching of a pirate ship on the front. Fabulous. It is inspiring me to learn how to make biscotti, with which I want to fill aforementioned cookie jar.

After we left the Plaza, we walked to the Gamble Mill which is a 4 star restaurant in the heart of little Bellefonte that recently opened a Tavern downstairs and hired a brewmaster. The atmosphere is reticent of an English pub with stone walls, a fireplace and big oak bar. I ordered a Winter Stout and Grant tried a Farmhouse Ale. After we warmed up a bit, we went back outside to the snowy evening and trudged home- stopping at Anna and Bede's on the way to chat for a bit.

The best part of this evening (one that we have had shared together many times since we moved to Bellefonte) is that we had our daughter with us. She very happily took in all the sights at the Plaza, got rosy cheeked in the cold wrapped up in her fleece bear suit, sat at the end of the table at the Tavern and scarfed down Cheerios, and entertained all of us at the Portz's. She has the sweetest temperament for a baby, and is so adaptable to whatever we take her to do. She warms up to strangers after a bit, and has no problem letting our friends hold her. She is happy with a Sophie and a handful of Puffs and any crankiness can often be allayed with music. She fits so beautifully in our family.


  1. We're thinking of making the Gamble Mill our new regular hangout... much like the High Street Pub days. It's always been a cool place, but now it's even cooler and it's really the only place to hang out where you can get a decent beer!

    I love this little Victorian town!

  2. This sounds like the perfect evening! I remember meeting you once at the Gamble Mill, and it was just as lovely as you describe it. And, that cookie jar does indeed sound fabulous. What a great find!