Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby Boogs

Every 'Mom' blog I read has, at some point in time, posted a blog about their baby's boogers. Some post pictures of good ones they have extracted, some talk at length about the methods they use, and others talk about their hypothesis for the importance of boogers in baby's development.

I just think the amount of time every day that I spend on sundry nose fluids is irritating. Pursy is quite content to let the boogers cake around her nostrils, snot run down her face and I don't think cares one bit about boogers one way or another. I on the other hand have run drills to perfect my technique of wiping her nose in order to maximize efficiency in the least amount of time. Because she hates when I come anywhere near her nose for the purpose of wiping boogers. I could play games involving her nose for hours but she can sense the second my presence is for the purpose of cleaning her face and she freaks out. I don't get it- she breathes better afterwards and her Dad is more likely to kiss her face- two very good reasons to let me use the bulb suction in her nose.

No dice. She pulls away from me and shrieks like I am trying to smother her with a pillow wrapped in barbed wire and makes me wonder if I should go explain to my neighbors what is actually going on in our house. Suggestions from any seasoned Moms?


  1. The book for you:

  2. I know you like low tech, and on most points I am inclined to agree...but, there is a battery operated power boogy sucker, Graco makes one, it plays music, and it does the job up well. Wish they had been around back in the day. I recommend them to all the little encrusted one's mothers who come to the ER. It is about $20 at Walmart or Babies R Us. ANd you don't have to poke their brains out like some of the bulb suction syringes are inclined to do! Much love to you, Cris