Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One problem..

I have found one use for facebook that I have not been able to duplicate anywhere else- the Status Update which is basically a billboard or expressway overpass where I could spray paint a thought for the world to see. This was extremely useful when I needed help with something and could get 300+ fresh eyes and brains to help come up with a solution to my problem. I could also usually count on my friend Margo to exclaim very excitedly to any good news I added to my status.

So now how do I tell the universe that my sweet husband took Pursy to CVS last night was I was at work and bought two bags of Reeses PB cups to fill our Advent calendar? I realize it is December 7th and every day made a mental note to grab candy to fill the small doors that help us count down to Christmas. Even last year when we were childless I filled it with Dove dark chocolates for me and Reeses for Grant. Unfortunately two working professionals with barely enough time in the morning to grab a yogurt or coffee did not take the loving and careful moments to open the door and enjoy the treat inside. Thus it was usually on Saturday mornings that Grant and I would each have 7 pieces of chocolate for breakfast and catch up on the calendar for the week past.

So I came home from work at 2330 and noticed on my way through the dining room- preparing to make another mental note of the candy-less calendar- that most of the doors on the calendar were closed. I opened December 6th and found two Reeses cups inside. The absolute most wonderful amazing and loving part? One was milk chocolate and one was dark.


  1. I think the horror in all of this is that Grant doesn't like dark chocolate. I can't believe you tolerate that in a mate. ;-)

    Can't wait to see you soon and here all of your status updates.

  2. Well... that is the drawback to not having FB... you could always try Twitter! :) hee hee! :) Kidding! :)

    This was very sweet of Grant. I keep saying I'm going to actually MAKE an Advent calendar every year and I forget! Hence, I just eat candy by the handful out of the bag... ;)