Sunday, November 14, 2010

Urban Living

This weekend we took Pursy on her first visit to Philadelphia- we put her in the Baby Hawk (my new favorite baby carrier) and explored Eulogy for lunch and Belgian beer, Old City Tattoos for ideas, South Street for consignment stores and tater tots, Liberti for church, and Sophia's for pumpkin pancakes with Chuck. Grant and I come alive in urban places. We love parking the car and not thinking about it again until it is time to head back to State College. We love divey restaurants and basement records shops. In the city coffee alone for breakfast is acceptable and I walk out confidently into crosswalks knowing that no car will hit me (unlike being on PSU campus where crosswalks are merely pavement decoration and oblivious student listening to IPod while driving could very likely run me down). In the city Tightsaspants and Ugg boots is not the uniform and creativity is king. I saw a pair of boots I want so badly I might learn how to raise cattle in order to make them.

I also discovered that I like being a Mom in the city. I loved having Pursy on my back walking the streets of Center City and listening to her babble as we passed parks, fire engines, construction sites. She was taking in everything. Sunday morning we met up with Grant's college roommate for breakfast and the waitress brought me a sliced banana in a gravy boat to mash up for Pursy. Life didn't revolve around her and it was certainly less comfortable but she fit in seamlessly. A woman at the next table chatted with me about baby bibs and the day care her son attended. There was no explanation as to why he was in day care- of course he was, because she worked. She was confident and happy to be out for breakfast with her husband and son. It made me realize how many ways there are to be a Mother- there are no rules and should carry no judgment. If we lived in the same neighborhood I would have offered to bring Pursy over for a play date because her son LOVED playing with her. We would have become best friends and walked down the street with our babies on our backs and drinking our breakfast coffee.

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