Monday, November 1, 2010

Not as Good as It Seemed

Over the last 6 months, Elliott has gone from viewing Pursy with: disinterest, novelty, curiosity, and with the introduction of solid food- supreme fascination. He has discovered that very yummy things fall from the high chair and her fingers always have something sticky and delicious on them. Now before any of you throw up in your mouths a little bit, Mom is always close by with a wet wipe AFTER Elliott has finished off the pureed sweet potato from her hands and BEFORE she puts them back in her mouth.

This seems like a great deal for a dog- tiny hands, new toys, a playmate on the floor. But it is not as good as it seems. In order to get to the food on her hands, he has to come in range of her feet, which are quite good at catching him right in the throat. He also has to deal with the OTHER hand, which often at lightning speed can grab his eyeballs, muzzle, ears, etc. and hold on. This is why three years ago Grant and I spent so much time researching dog breeds- we knew our two children would play together. Elliott is a textbook Boxer.

He loves to run, play, and basically do anything where he can see us. He is co-dependent, obedient and as docile as they come. When Pursy has hold of his muzzle and is pulling as hard as her short arm can- he looks up at Grant and I with a "please help me" face but nothing in his nature would make him react to her. Boxers are playful and gentle dogs- perfect for babies.

I thought that after a few "baby attacks" he would leave her alone- it is a high price to pay for a few morsels of banana or avocado. But he keeps coming back- and lays his head on her blanket while she plays on the floor. I can't wait to watch them running around the yard together- he will protect her and she will continue to repay him with better and better food.

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