Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The most creative thing I might do all day

I took a gingerbread mix, added pears and vanilla and made cupcakes. Cream cheese, cool-whip and more vanilla for frosting. I will then take them to a baby shower tonight and accept all the compliments on my baking savvy.

I worked last night on the OB unit at the hospital- I work up there every once in a while and it is a nice change from the craziness of the ICU/cardiac unit. I met a lovely couple who just had a beautiful little girl and watched their faces as they held her and began introducing themselves to her. I watched Dad struggle through putting on a long sleeve onesie, which as anyone who has ever tried to do that knows, it is like threading spaghetti through a garden hose. I left work remembering that life is beautiful and I am a blessed woman.

Today it is gray and rainy and I am feeling lazy and like drinking too much coffee would be a great idea. Instead I made 30 cupcakes, 3 stockings, washed 14 cloth diapers and am starting to feel like Pursy's counting book.

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