Friday, October 22, 2010

A Void In My Interests

CNN reported this morning that the latest moon exploration just discovered an enormous crater with enough water to fill 1500 Olympic sized swimming pools. I could care less. I was never that interested in space as a child (that I remember) and am becoming more hostile towards space now that I am a tax paying adult.

The money NASA spends to continually remind us that space is *BIG* is (forgive the pun) astronomical. 17.3 billion (in 2008) was the budget for NASA which they spent on bigger and better space vehicles, astronaut training, space explorations and research. I feel like the "space race" was already done, and I cannot remember the last time anyone discovered anything new or significant in space. With the exception of crushing every 5th graders hopes and dreams by declaring Pluto not a planet anymore. Unless they find aliens or a gaping black hole that we can dump all of the garbage from earth into, I would prefer to find other uses for that 17.3 billion. Like grants for international adoptions or subsidizing local farmers so that produce that travels on a flatbed truck rather then an airplane doesn't cost 3 times as much.

I know I sound judgey, but everyone is about something. Mine just happens to be something practical, like outer space.


  1. Intriguing.

    Actually, they do give tax credits for adoption (I believe the credit is worth more than a $10,000 reduction in tax liability).

    We also subsidize agriculture in the U.S. to such a degree that we hurt the economies of developing countries because their food products are not competitive in the U.S. Food in the U.S. in an unsubsidized market could actually be quite a bit more expensive than it currently is.

    I am not sure of the exact scope of innovation that can be attributed to NASA, but I have heard some argue that the return on the investment is actually quite good (medical, safety, aviation, defense, etc.).

    Anyways, I am no expert, but maybe that will make you feel better about the space program funding :)

  2. PS Sorry if that was an obscenely long and obnoxious comment...I sometimes forget that not everyone loves debating (i'm just a weirdo), and I come across argumentative when I don't really mean to be :)

  3. I am aware of the tax credit for international adoption, but even as generous as it is, it doesn't near cover the actual cost of an adoption.

    I also know that subsidizing agriculture in the US has it's costs to the developing world but I would rather more money go toward American farms for locally and humanely produced meat,grain and veggies so that they can afford to compete with large agribusinesses (like Tyson, Monsanto, etc). I can hear Grant already starting in on what the Green Revolution did for India but I think we also did a huge harm to our food quality and safety when we started mass producing and genetically modifying. (*hear me- I also recognize that I can only have this opinion because I can afford to choose what I want to eat and have never gone hungry)

  4. You know what freaks me out? Strawberries the size of my fist.... there is something just not right about them!! Sam refuses to eat them, so I get stuck eating the freaky large frankenstein berries.

    I figure there is a chance that whatever made those strawberries so large may miraculously make me spontaneously grow 6 inches to the size of a normal human female :)