Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Next Great Adventure

It is time. Purslane has been hungry after nursing, watching Grant and I eat with great interest, and putting everything in her mouth. We are ready for solid food.

If I lay out my commitment, you can hold me to it. I am hoping never to buy a jar of baby food. I want to make everything she eats, thus ensuring I know exactly what she is eating and that she is getting enough of everything she needs. My dear friend Rebecca bought me a book called "Top 100 Baby Purees" and not only do I love the family of pears prancing around on the cover, but the entire Introduction lays out exactly how easy it can be and the benefits of making your own baby food. I love information, so my commitment was strengthened.

Let it be done. I bought a small food processor and also plan to spend some time today on Ebay pricing food mills. I also want a yogurt maker- those things are fantastic and if I could make Pursy homemade yogurt I would feel like a successful Mom even if she turns out to be a serial killer.

This morning she ate a bowl of banana and rice cereal- and I plan to always feed her naked. Amazing how quickly those little hands can move and once they are in the mouth along with the bite of banana the game is over. Next up- bath time.


  1. Ha! Feed her naked -- what a great idea! We could probably still stand to do that occasionally with Sullivan...

  2. Hmmm, I think I would rather she choke down some store-bought yogurt than end up on America's Most Wanted :). Luckily, i don't think yogurt and murderous behavior are correlated!

  3. that is great. I wanted to do the same thing (in my head) but I never actually set any goals, and so I have bought some jarred food along the way (tsk tsk)
    I just "assumed" I make all Asher's food, there was no plan, and obviously you can't stick with a plan if there is none! :) I should probably at this time stop reading all the blogs I can get my eyes on and make a plan going forward! :)
    But - I did want to share with you that you actually don't need a fancy yogurt maker to make your own yogurt. It's super simple to make yourself with just some Ball canning jars: Get the cookbook The Home Creamery - they have very simple homemade yogurt recipes in there. (if you want me just to tell you how to do it, email me juliekieras :)