Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wine before 5

Today I had a glass of wine at 2 in the afternoon. I was continuing with nap training with Pursy and she was particularly stubborn today. So I cleaned the entire house, did 3 loads of laundry and had a glass of wine- all while she fussed in her crib. She is finally asleep and I am congratulating myself for persevering. As painful as it is to listen to my little girl cry, I keep thinking about the day when I can put a cranky baby in her crib and two hours later pick up a happy and well rested baby. I kept repeating my new mantra- "I am giving her the gift of sleep".

On another note, I received two books today. One was "Momology"- a Christian mother's musings on parenthood the Godly way. The other was a colorful, sacrilegious, outrageous and fantastic new book by Sark. As I looked at these two books, I thought that this was me- a contradiction of style, content, purpose and delivery. I will give each book it's proper attention and both will add something to my life. I am more then okay with this.

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