Friday, September 17, 2010

Success and a second cup of coffee

Purslane is sound asleep in her crib. Yes, it is 9:30 and she is taking a morning nap. We have the routine in place- we turn on the snail mosiac lamp (thank you Anna), press PLAY on the CD player and the sweet sounds of Brad Meldau begin (thank you Grant), have a little snack (thank you Mama) and the eyelids start to droop. Before they fully close, I place her sweet little body in the crib- where she instantly wakes up and begins to cry. I stand at the bedside for 30ish seconds rubbing her back and singing some Dixieland version of a hymn (thank you Redeemer New Orleans) and walk out of the room. She fusses for approximately 3-4 minutes then flips on her belly, sticks her little cloth diapered rump in the air and goes to sleep.

I am a mad crazy genius.

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  1. Hey Christy! Congrats on nap success!
    I just tagged you in a blog post - feel free to keep it going with a post of your own! :)