Friday, September 24, 2010

It takes a village to raise a child

I have been thinking a lot recently about the reality that the community we raise Purslane in will be hugely important. I think it must have been our pastor/friend Russ who introduced this idea around the time of her baptism because at that time the members of our church promise to help us raise her. Our church community is only one of the many we have though. We have a group of people we eat dinner with every Sunday night- 5 couples in whose lives we are intimately involved. Kate walks in our house without knocking anymore. Our Bradley teachers- Scott and Carla- frequent our home and we theirs. Abbey encourages Grant and I to go on dates while she keeps Pursy. We have friends in New York, Japan, Alaska, California, DC, Colorado, Louisiana, Tennessee- all who keep involved in our lives as if they lived next door. This is our community.

Along with this concept of community comes the reality that every one of these people will be able to offer my daughter something I can't. Their respective strengths and knowledge from their own life experience that I simply do not have. And I have to be okay with this. This reality seems obvious, but selfish or not every mother wants to be able to give their children everything. So I started thinking about the women in my community and their strengths and began to get genuinely excited about the things Pursy could learn from them.

Amy can teach her about the beauty of opening her heart to "all the children of the world".
Becki can teach her creativity and color.
Abbey can teach her independence.
Carla can teach her how to empower other women.
Julia can teach her a quiet and gentle spirit.
Anna can teach her how to laugh loudly.
Steph can show her how to steward the earth and get her hands dirty.
Amanda can teach her selflessness and how to dance ballet.
Sarah can teach her how to relax and go with the flow.

Some of these things she will learn from me and some she will learn more from them. It actually gives me peace to think that I am not solely responsible for raising Purslane. I am blessed with these girls that make up "my village".

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