Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ines Sainz

Whenever a story comes out about some stupid boy being accused of harassing a girl, I almost always believe the females side of the story. Not because I am one, but because I find the argument that "she looked like she was 18" or "boys do stupid things" so maddeningly trite. Hormones, alcohol, peer pressure, celebrity- none of these are excuses for taking advantage of a woman. I don't care who she is, whether she is a drunk college girl or a call girl- assaulting a woman is never excused. I am so sick and tired of seeing Ben Roethlisberger take advantage of his position as a QB for the Steelers, I would be fine with a losing season just to get rid of his pathetic molesting self.

However, the story that came out about the NY Jets and Ines Sainz made me take the other position for once. When I saw pictures of her and the outfits she wore to interview these football players- in the locker room- and now she is upset that they noticed?!? You don't flaunt fake boobs and fishnets to blend in. I'm sorry sweetie- you wanted those catcalls and you need to stop asking us to feel sorry for you. Take some responsibility and put some clothes on.

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