Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I don't know which is better- courtesy or honesty. I seem to come across a large number of situations in which I must choose one or the other. Either I come across as polite and agreeable(i.e. say nothing) or say the pink elephant in the room and be described as rude. Why do people not like to hear the truth? I asked a friend of mine last weekend to point out my biggest fault. After some reassurance, she told me. And it stung a little, but it was definitely not anything that I was not aware of. I had just hoped that no one else was. :) But now that I know SHE knows, which means probably others know- I feel like I have a better shot at keeping to my desire to weed out this particular behavior.

Hooray. And thanks Steph.

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  1. I really think there are ways to say the truth in a way that's not rude. I've had to learn this A Lot at work. Sometimes being agreeable gives you time to think about how to address situations in a tactful way that can spare a relationship. For me, it depends on the situation and how much I want to deal with a certain situation. Yay for growing! :)