Thursday, September 2, 2010

East West Crossing

I had tea today with one of my new favorites. We shared a pot of Tiger Hill black tea while our baby girls napped in their car seats. Well, her baby napped- mine was awake after about 2 seconds of realizing that something was going on that she should probably be around for.

Things I like about her:
1. she is self depricating without asking for affirmation
2. she doesn't wear make up
3. she says things like "self behavior modification" without sounding like she rehearsed it
4. she admits that she doesn't like going to new places because she is afraid she won't know what to do and someone will be mad at her
5. she gives me advice without sounding preachy or patronizing
6. she listens- really listens

I realize that is only a Top 6 list but somehow appropriate for her and the afternoon.

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