Monday, July 26, 2010


Grant and I went out on a date on Saturday night and for the first time left Purslane with non-family people. Samanda (Sam and Amanda) came over at 6:45 and we left after 20 minutes of instructions. I found myself telling them random bits of information like that Pursy's sheets are organic cotton and she prefers the purple binky at bedtime. I was on my way to asking to see Amanda's CPR card to ensure it was current when Grant took me by the elbow and led me out the door.

I had just bought the black maxi dress I was wearing- and found out quickly why normal people do several things when they purchase clothing. First of all, they try it on. When I put the dress on right before we left, I realized that there is reason short people should buy petite clothes. The dress was dragging the ground- so I grabbed a pair of sewing scissors and cut it off. This resulted in a shaggy uneven hem that will ensure when I do have a minute to fix it, it will end up being a knee-length little black dress. It worked for the moment though, as the flowy fabric hid my spontaneous hem job just fine. Secondly, there is a reason people wash clothes before they wear them- when I lifted up my arms, the jersey knit had pilled off and stuck to my deodorant making me look like I had not shaved my armpits in 3 years. Lastly was the issue of the deep V-neck displaying just a little too much of my gifts from the boob fairy. I ended up safety pining the front, giving me rainbow colored flash backs of my days at Bob Jones.

So typical. My first date in 3 months and I am cut, pinned and altogether haphazardly put together. I walk downstairs and Grant looks me up and down. "You look smokin' hot." And that is why I love him.


  1. You looked HOT!!! And I feel so privileged to spend your first "date night" with you!!

  2. OOPs, that was is me, AMY, saying that you looked HOT. Please don't kill my husband, Grant!!!

  3. PS I'm glad you didn't check my CPR card because it expired like six months ago....but I've taken it THREE times, including once in Kenya, doesn't that count for something?!