Thursday, July 22, 2010


Last night we had friends over that reminded me why I like human beings. We ate dinner, walked to the park to feed the ducks and ended up watching a thunderstorm on the front porch with our children. It was low maintenance, and the sort of conversation where small talk becomes the story of how she found her faith. I have never been one for small talk- it never came easy to me. I would rather hear someone's deepest darkest secret than why they prefer Yuengling to Troegs. She was easy to talk to, humorously self depricating and interested in how Grant and I met. The night ended when Pursy let us know she was ready for bed and much too soon. One of my favorite things about getting to know new people is when I think I have them pegged and they throw me a curve ball. I should have known when they walked in on me listening to Thriller on the turntable and they didn't bat an eye.


  1. Of course, now I'm very curious how you had us pegged... :)

  2. Wouldn't you like to know... I don't tell my secrets. :)