Friday, July 2, 2010

New Wardrobe

I cannot believe Pursy is old enough to have outgrown her first set of clothes- all the newborn items went into a plastic tub this morning to be stowed away for another baby. As I folded her yellow duck sleeper, I thought back to 10 weeks ago when I was placing her tiny body into it and thinking that it was way too big. I loved her night feedings when I would pick her up out of the bassinet and say "hello my little duck".

One of her onesies had a quote on the tag that said "If only they could stay this small". While I understand the sentiment- I love the way Pursy's head fits right under Grant's chin when he is rocking her to sleep, and I love that I can carry her in the Moby all day without my back hurting, and I love her tiny little hands and mouth- I really don't want her to stay this small.

I started thinking about all the things I can't wait to teach her. I can't wait to show her how to weed a garden, and how to make french toast, and how to turn the pages of her favorite book. I know already my heart will explode when I watch her dancing on Grant's feet at a wedding. I know I will watch proudly when she walks out the door in striped leggings and a plaid dress after she picks out her own clothes for the first time. And I know that I will want to lock her in the attic when she becomes a teenager and that stubborn streak that she inherited from me comes out in a sassy voice. I can't wait for all of it.

But today I will enjoy that tiny body that fits so easily in my arms. I put the newborn clothes away and later today will head for Target and Baby Gap to get her a new wardrobe.

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