Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Frog

Yesterday Purslane pulled the little circle that hangs below the green frog that sits on the bar next to the blue and yellow turtles over the bouncy seat that she sits in while Grant and I try to get things done without her in our arms. It plays an annoying tinny little song that she apparently loves. We have been pulling it for her, but it lasts approximately 7 seconds and it is annoying to be walking over to pull it before she starts fussing. Yesterday Grant called me at work to say that she had pulled it herself. She had been reaching for it, but could never quite get her little fingers around it. She has mastered this skill now, and very happily entertains herself with the song. This morning I was in the kitchen making cupcakes for Anna's birthday (Happy 31st friend!!) and I lost count of how many times the song played after 20. As proud of my little girl as I am, I miss the quiet moments inbetween pulls of the frog circle. This is also the first thing that we have taught her to do for herself. She is now a little less reliant on me and I got a tiny glimpse of what it will be like when she can feed herself, dress herself, drive herself to school and move out. This is the point of parenting, right? Hopefully I won't cry over every step of independence or it will be a LOOONG 18 years...

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